The history of the hotel


The history of Hotel Roháč


Hotel Roháč was built around the middle of the 19th century, however, the exact date is unknown. The 1878 Urban Protocol recorded the request of the Orava estate for the bricks that were needed in order to raise the men's tavern up one storey for the official dwellings. It is therefore certain that the ground floor of the hotel had already been standing. The city hotel was built to its present form gradually. In 1907, its south-eastern part was built /Železničná and Kukučínova street/. The building was constructed according to the Krivácsy Gustáv project. The architectural drawing was made by "Hosszhomlokzát". Until 1958 the hotel had belonged to the former Urbarialists Association, and after the founding of the JRD in February 1958, movable and immovable property of the Urban Community was transferred to the property of the cooperative. In 1961, JRD sold the building in a desolate state to Jednota SD Trstená. In the nineties, two-thirds of the hotel returned to the property of the Urbarialist Association, one-third belonged to Jednota. Trstená's reeve was also an inhabitant of the hotel for some time /known as Anjel pharmacy today/. It was home to a jail as well. To enter the hotel, one had to go through an underpass, which was later on walled up. In 1912, the Urbarial Association built a cold storage for beer and meat in the hotel and bought a grain cleaner - trier. In the years 1902 - 1914 there was also the barracks of Baltazar Becze at the premises – a local barber's shop.